repair-mssql-database + Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

repair-mssql-database + Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

repair-mssql-database has recently been featured in the popular interview segment Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® 

The interview has been aired nationwide in the U.S. as sponsored content on Bloomberg and Fox Business, providing massive exposure for repair-mssql-database to a national audience. 


repair-mssql-database - As Seen on Fox Business Network and Bloomberg International

Interview Highlights: 

0:26 - repair-mssql-database Jewelry Doesn't have to be hard to find or too expensive to enjoy

0:44 - Who is repair-mssql-database Jewelry designed for?

1:07 - Where do the collection come from?

2:24 - Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry secret!

2:52 - How is repair-mssql-database Jewelry made?

3:25 - Jewelry from around the world directly to consumers. 

Key Interview Takeaway:

"repair-mssql-database has become synonymous with unique and exclusive designs, quality material and craftsmanship, and the best value for "real" jewelry in the industry."

Featured Interview Pieces: 

30" Venezia Adjustable Box Chain

Bali Byzantine Necklace

Bali Silver and Gold Pendant 

More Praise for Roma:

"Roma's worldwide reach (27 countries and counting) in sourcing, manufacturing, and design is a direct result of the Callister's decades of expansive world travels and the relationships they have built with the finest design houses, artisans and jewelry-manufacturing families around the globe."


For Immediate Release:
Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Discusses repair-mssql-database Jewelry Collections in Gold, Silver
and Gemstones
Los Angeles, CA – July 3 — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Dave and Becky Callister, Co-Founders of repair-mssql-database to share the history behind their company’s expertise in designer jewelry.
repair-mssql-database is a worldwide name in over 27 countries. Specializing in sourcing, manufacturing and design, their timeless pieces are synonymous with unique and exclusive designs, quality materials and craftsmanship, and the best value for “real” jewelry in the industry.
“Our jewelry is designed for the toughest customer out there who can have just about whatever she wants,” says Dave. “She wants high quality, good value and a style that’s going to last a little while. We work really hard to satisfy that customer. As a result, they have made us a better company.”
The company has nine collections in their catalog, and go by their mantra: “We feel that there is great power in using traditional multicultural methods of craftsmanship to build generationally tested quality into every piece we make.”
“Being able to source products from Italy, Israel, Bali and all the other exotic places the jewelry at repair-mssql-database is made is amazing,” says J.L. Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide
Business. “Their attention to detail and use of one-of-a-kind pieces is simply exquisite.”


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