Jewelry for Girlfriends: A Clueless Boyfriend's Guide to Buying Valentine's Day Jewelry

Jewelry for Girlfriends: A Clueless Boyfriend's Guide to Buying Valentine's Day Jewelry

Jewelry for Girlfriends: Boyfriend's Guide to Buying V-Day Jewelry

You'll want to get a nice Valentine's Day jewelry gift for your girlfriend. Don't know anything about jewelry for girlfriends? Read this guide!

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Valentine's Day is a big deal. Don't think it doesn't matter to your girlfriend! If you're thinking it's not important, consider that Americans are spending $19.6 billion on Valentine's Day.

You'll want to get a nice Valentine's Day jewelry gift for your girlfriend. Don't know anything about jewelry for girlfriends? Read on to learn what to buy her for Valentine's day.

Why Valentine's Day?

February 14, is Valentine's day every year. It's traditional to give gifts and send cards. But why and what does it mean?

Valentine's day is named after a Christian martyr. It's not clear which of the three saints called Valentine he could have been. The various legends attribute romantic stories to the early Christian saint.

One story is of a priest who continued to conduct marriages even after marriage was outlawed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor preferred that young men should serve in the Roman army. Valentine continued to perform marriages and was executed for his romantic acts of defiance.

Another story is of a Valentine who was imprisoned after helping Christians to escape Roman prisons. As he prepared for his eventual execution he wrote a letter to a girl he loved. This may have been the first of millions of Valentine cards as he signed it "from your Valentine".

These legends were later combined with pagan celebrations to create Valentine's day traditions we know today. It's a day for declaring your love, romantic messages, and gift giving.

Buying Jewelry for Girlfriends

If you've never bought jewelry for a girlfriend the thought of it might seem daunting. What if you buy the wrong thing? You might be making an expensive mistake.

How do make sure that you don't buy something that she'll hate? Worse still what if she is actually insulted by your choice? You might inadvertently buy something completely inappropriate or make a fashion faux pas.

Don't worry, you can do this. Surprising her with some beautiful jewelry is going to make her very happy. She'll treasure it and love you for being so thoughtful.

Start by Paying Attention

Getting the right jewelry for your girlfriend starts with some research. Like any project, you have to do your homework. Start by paying close attention to her.

Check out the jewelry she wears now. Get clues to what she likes and dislikes from her current jewelry choices.

Note if there are gaps in her jewelry collection. Perhaps she wears gold rings and a gold necklace together but when she wears silver rings she doesn't have a silver necklace.

Personal Style

Getting a handle on your girlfriend's personal style can help you chose the right gift. What styles in clothing and makeup does she prefer? Does she have an identifiable image that you could take a lead from?

A woman with Goth sensibilities will be unlikely to like pretty girly pink things. She might love you for buying her a silver ring with a jet or amber stone. The black stone or dead insects encased in amber may resonate with her dark, inner depths.

Matching Personality

Jewelry taste can be associated with personality. This can be quite straight forward. If she is happy to be the center of attention she is likely to be comfortable with showy "look at me" jewelry choices.

Is your girlfriend somewhat whimsical, with quirky quotes on her walls and accounts of fairies following her every move? Perhaps a charm bracelet or a new charm for the charm bracelet she already has would be perfect. Unicorns, hearts, and butterflies are a good bet but avoid skulls and sports.

Give Her Options

Having multiple ways of wearing jewelry is always good. An unusually colored necklace might be pretty but if she doesn't have a suitable outfit to wear with it it becomes a problem piece of jewelry. A chain has to be worn with a blouse or dress with an appropriate neckline or it is consigned to the jewelry box.

There is a way around this problem. Buy jewelry that is flexible. Adjustable length chains are a great example of this.

With an adjustable length chain, she can change the length depending on what she is wearing. This way she can wear her treasured Valentine gift on a date with evening wear and for work the next day. It can look great with a pendant on one day and with a locket the next.

Get the Metal Right

Your girlfriend may prefer a particular color of metal. Silver and platinum are a good alternative to white gold.

Check what jewelry she normally wears for her preference. It's also worth checking if she has any skin reaction to any particular metal jewelry. Some people have a skin reaction to some metals and so they're best avoided.

Size Is Important

Chose jewelry that is proportionate to her size. Some women can carry off the challenge of wearing big chunky rings especially if they are themselves larger. A larger than life personality also helps. A more petite figure would be overwhelmed by a large statement ring but set off a delicate ring beautifully.

You will need to get the right sized ring. If you can't get her finger or one of her rings to a jewelry store to be measured don't worry. You don't need to guess.

Use a ring sizing guide from a jewelry website and compare one of her existing rings to it. You will need to decide which finger you propose she wears the ring on. Don't buy a ring for her ring finger unless you intend it to be an engagement or wedding ring.

Just Buy It

Do your homework and make a choice. Buy from a reputable online website and check the returns policy. That way, it's virtually risk-free.

If she really hates it you'll know. Suggest returning it and helping her choose something nice. Buying jewelry for girlfriends is something you can do together.

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