8 Ways to Wear Moonstone

8 Ways to Wear Moonstone

8 Ways to Wear Moonstone

Moonstone adds a unique, brilliant, and mystical quality to any outfit. Click here for 8 great ways to wear moonstone.

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The moonstone is a unique, ethereal gem. It is usually white or silvery in appearance with a blue glow that seems to come from within.

Pliny the Elder, the Roman philosopher and naturalist, said the stone reflects the face of the moon itself with its luminescent glow.

This stone is as easy to wear as it is alluring. Read on for our top 8 ways to wear moonstone jewelry.

What You Need to Know About This Stone

The signature shimmer of moonstone comes from a unique property called adularescence. This phenomenon causes light to bounce off the stone's inner layers, making the gem shine in different shades of blue or purple. Some rare forms of the stone even shine with a warm, yellow glimmer.

When they're not giving off their mystical shimmer, these stones usually appear clear or milky white. You may also find peach, amber, sage, gray, or rose-colored varieties. With the right cut, some particularly clear stones look a little like glowing diamonds.

Many traditional pieces of jewelry feature this stone in a round cabochon, but you can also find faceted stones for a more glamorous look. When it comes to settings, it looks equally beautiful with silver or white gold as it does with yellow or rose gold.

These are relatively soft gems, so be careful with how you handle your jewelry. This is especially true for rings, which can easily be bumped during your day. If you need to clean your jewelry, opt for warm, soapy water instead of any special chemicals.

Top 8 Ways to Make Your Moonstone Shine

1. Make It Modern and Minimalist

Minimalism is everywhere these days, and jewelry is no exception. If you're into simple shapes and silhouettes, a moonstone can complement your look perfectly.

A smooth, flat stone fits in well with a clean, modern aesthetic. Look for a simple setting that will really let your stone shine. A collar necklace or bangle bracelet with an inlay can also create a simple, yet impactful, look.

2. Keep It Raw

If you want to embrace the stone's naturally mystical look, go for a rough-hewn cut. Rough-cut stones appear in their natural, jagged shape. This type of cut gives off the look of a gem that's just been dug up out of the earth.

Paired with a prong setting, a moonstone can create a statement ring that looks like it's been imbued with magical powers.

A simple metal-wrapped pendant can give off the look of an antique talisman, warding off evil on your behalf.

3. Embrace Hippie Chic

For years, moonstones have been a favorite hippie fashion accessory. If you want to harness your inner bohemian, choose a smooth stone with a simple, natural setting.

A large cabochon pendant paired with a leather cord will have you looking far out in no time. A stacked set of rings are also a great accessory for a bohemian ensemble.

4. Go for Opulence

If you really want to sparkle, choose a faceted stone. With some skillful cuts, the natural shimmer of this stone can look downright elegant, making it a great complement to any formal attire.

A faceted stone will also make an opulent statement when it's paired with other sparkling gems. Diamonds, sapphires, and amethysts, in particular, tend to play up the natural hues found in the stone.

This is an upscale look for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. In fact, faceted moonstones actually appear diamond-like. These offer a great way to get that look without the hefty price tag.

5. Make It a Statement

A large, colorful stone can make a strong statement. Choose a particularly adularescent stone for a pendant or look for a pair of dangly earrings in some unique color variety.

This is also a great time to try out unique settings to go with your stone. A metal collar with inset stones, for example, would have a strong voice in your outfit.

As is the case with most statement jewelry, it's best to keep the rest of your accessories minimal so your signature piece can do all the talking.

6. Go Small

If showing off isn't your thing, tiny, delicate stones can create a restrained but beautiful look. A pair of small cabochon earrings can add little touches of light to brighten up your look and draw attention to your face.

If you really want to stoke the shine, choose stones with extra facets to play up the way this stone reflects the light.

These are also a great choice for a delicate ring with a simple band. A series of faceted stones strung together to make a necklace or bracelet can also create a restrained, yet glittery, aura.

7. Color Coordinate It with the Rest of Your Outfit

Since these stones are predominantly white, they offer lots of options when it comes to coordinating your outfit. In fact, these stones act a bit like mirrors--they tend the reflect the colors nearby.

Depending on the look you're going for, here are few options to try out:

  • Pick an all-white ensemble to give off an ethereal, snow goddess quality
  • Wear light blue, silver, or gray to reflect the stone's iridescence
  • Yellow, mustard, or gold will catch the stone's understated amber tones
  • Neutrals can offer a harmonious backdrop--with just a hint of color
  • Cerulean or navy blue can really play up the stone's magical quality

8. Channel Your Inner Moon Goddess

These stones have captivated people for centuries. Their beautiful shine has looked to some like drops of moonlight made solid. That's why they're the perfect choice to add a bit of whimsy to your wardrobe.

Look for settings with a moon or goddess-like bent. Sterling silver fits in especially well with this fun look.

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