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knowledge it was coming so why has it not been sorted already?April 9, 2013 at 2:51pm

are asking members of the public to help us during this busy time and only use A if absolutely necessary.

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United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust said in a statement hospital staff have opened up additional beds, and taken other actions to meet the demand for services.

are seeing a high demand for beds and services at Lincoln County Hospital, Pilgrim Hospital in Boston and Grantham and District Hospital.

closing all of Lincolnshire A departments is slightly worrying? what has suddenly happen to over load every county hospital? this seems highly suspicious to me! first our Ambulance service cant cope now our hospitals cant either! I seriously think heads need to role at the very top!.

you need medical help fast, call NHS 111 24 hours a day or seek advice from your GP or pharmacist. hospitals are liaising with Lincolnshire GPs to ensure that patients not requiring hospital care are not referred to hospital during this busy time. over actions

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also additional ward rounds so that people who are well enough to go home are discharged in a timely fashion, which then frees up beds for other patients.

the other hospitals in the county only have either a Minor Injuries Unit or an Urgent Care Centre so restricting the only A departments is reduction in service in Lincolnshire. I feel for all the poor nurses/dr and anyone else that this is going to put extra pressure on. According to the latest CQC report they are also understaffed too ULHT get it sorted! Adidas Originals Trainers Clearance If its not a specific incident that means you have already had forewarning and background Adidas Los Angeles Core Black Buy

is going to put a lot of additional pressure on the Walk in centre on Monks Road and the ambulance service. Also for many people it will increase their travel time if they have to travel further to access medical care.

Meanwhile, the North Lincolnshire Branch of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is concerned about ULHT is asking people not to attend A departments.

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How terribly sensationalist, what appears to have started as a polite verbal request not to come to A for minor things due to an unusually high demand for beds is being touted as ULHT closing all 3 of lincolnshire A I miss the days of citing data sources and reporting on fact first with opinion second, you know, before reporters thought they had to compete with internet gossip.

Lincolnshire hospitals Adidas Neo Shoes All Black

Adidas Originals Trainers Clearance

are also working with our local commissioners to help care for patients with less severe medical conditions in community based facilities, ULHT added in the statement.

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´╗┐Boston and Grantham hospitals under strain

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Adidas Originals Trainers Clearance

David Harding Price, Branch Secretary and Council Member for the East Midlands, said: only has three A departments and to in effect close all three is of real concern to my members.

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Adidas Originals Trainers Clearance

Adidas Originals Trainers Clearance

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