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learns differently and functions differently, and we need to have the autonomy to have those decisions for the students, she said. Teachers will still have to choose from a list of board approved evaluations.

´╗┐Boards want changes to agreements

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Teachers Federation has said they are hoping to strike a deal with local school boards rather than agree to the province strict wage terms, and the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario has also said it will not sign to the same terms as AEFO.

the best student ratings in the province. And the best way we did that was through the contract, said Lemay.

The deal included a two year salary freeze and three unpaid professional development days so younger teachers could still move up the salary grid.

The school boards associations the Association des conseils scolaires des publiques de l and the Association franco ontarienne des conseils scolaires catholiques have gone to the Ontario Labour Board with their concerns on the negotiating process.

The deal between the Ministry of Education and the Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco ontariens (AEFO), announced last week, met the Ministry request for pay freezes, but took non monetary conditions out of the contract.

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He said conditions such as requiring teachers to be in the classroom early and mandating student evaluations may affect student success.

school boards have some of Adidas Neo Black Grey

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The agreement still remains to be ratified by the individual locals in the coming weeks, Vinet Roy added.

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Lemay said the school boards will not sign the contract until changes are made.

not what we wanted to have, said Jean Lemay, president of the Conseil scolaire de districte catholique de l Ontarien, which includes Cornwall French Catholic schools.

we are stripping the contract of everything else, we can guarantee the results, Lemay said.

Anne Vinet Roy, vice president of the AEFO, said their union followed the rules of the provincial negotiations, and made a deal with the province that would allow teachers control in the classroom.

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While the province is championing its savings in last week deal with the French language teachers union, it is non monetary issues that have the union and school boards at odds.

She said the teachers union also pushed to tighten standards for supply teachers hired by the boards, with experience and qualifications as criteria.

The Ontario Secondary School Adidas Neo In Black

some point we realized that the school boards were not Adidas Originals Men Shoes willing to make any compromise, she said. wanted to hold on to all of their administrative duties. need to have something in return. If we agreeing not to have a salary increase, and understand we have to do that, there are other ways of helping us that are not monetary, but are very helpful, Vinet Roy added.

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are the employer, so eventually we will have to sign these contracts. And we weren happy they (AEFO) wanted to go away from the table and only talk to the ministry, said Lemay.

Vinet Roy said the student evaluations are often about the school boards rating, rather than the student success.

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