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Titans of Nevada history clashed 1927 in what the Nevada State Journal called the state's "greatest legal drama" more than a half million dollars of state money embezzled and the credibility of Nevada's political boss George Wingfield on the line. Senate, owning that seat until his death in 1954.

in line."

"Following the trial, you begin to see a changeover from the Wingfield machine to the McCarran machine in Nevada," Kintop said.

It didn't matter that Cole and Malley were Democrats and Wingfield a Republican. It didn't matter that Wingfield worked to defeat Cole in the 1926 election.

Wingfield whose fortune from the Goldfield Consolidated Mining Company was estimated at about $30 million moved to Reno in 1908. Senate following the death of George Nixon. He felt he could do more for his state remaining in Nevada, and newspaper reports heralded him as the "cowboy who refused a toga."

On April 30, 1927, two visitors arrived to Wingfield's home in Reno: State Treasurer Ed Malley and former State Controller George Cole. Both knew Wingfield from their Tonopah mining days in the early 1900s.

just eight days Wingfield's elder Adidas Original Shoes On Sale was on the losing end of the state's political game. "He was thought to be too much in favor of himself, too politically ambitious instead of falling Adidas Neo Trainers Sale

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The total defalcation was $516,322.16.

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McCarran also lost politically, particularly during his opposition to federal and state intervention in the Goldfield mining strikes of 1906 and 1907, which further put him at odds with Wingfield and high ranking Republicans.

McCarran and Wingfield's rivalry began long before the 1927 trial.

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´╗┐Bosses of the Silver State squared off in sensational trial

"We are in a hell of a fix," Malley told Wingfield.

George Wingfield made a fortune mining in Goldfield and Tonopah before moving to Reno in 1908. Many felt he ran a bipartisan political machine in the 1920s until his banks flopped during the Great Depression. During the embezzlement trial of 1927, one of the most sensational in Nevada history, defense attorney Pat McCarran focused the attention off his clients and on Wingfield power.(Photo:

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"After the trial, news coverage outside the state started pointing to how Nevada was operating," Nevada state archivist Jeff Kintop said. "In most states, if you've got Democrats committing crime, you'd have Republicans going after the party. In Nevada, because it was a bipartisan machine, you didn't have that."

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effort to save the state treasurer and former state controller from prison and gain political revenge, McCarran attacked Wingfield.

Wingfield, a cattle rancher turned gambler turned mining millionaire, was known as Nevada's political boss in the mid 1920s, running more than a dozen banks statewide and orchestrating what many felt was a bipartisan political machine from room 201 of the Reno National Bank Building. Senate in 1926.

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